NOVA MSP is currently available in both Android and iOS. There is also a desktop client for Microsoft Windows.

Yes, each product can work individually or together integrated to provide complete security view and therefore form a cyber-security ecosystem. Our developing R&D projects will add to this ecosystem as well.

Both attack types aim to register the system by trying to register from many of different users and passwords. Many registration attempts with the same user and different passwords are done to register the system with obtained password in Brute Force attacks. However, many registration attempts with different users are done to obtain valid username and to register the system in Enumeration attacks.

-Brute Force,





-Toll Fraud

Yes. NOVA brand is a result of our studies on cyber security area with our 46 years of R&D experience. All the products are developed locally in Netas R&D labs.

SIP signaling protocols are supported and only SIP calls are processed by NOVA VGATE

No, The Customer doesn`t need to additional SIP server to communicate with two or more Nova MSP users; The Nova MSP system has own SIP server, which called MSP server.

• End-to-end encrypted media transfer
• Encrypted Instant Messaging 
• Encrypted Offline Messaging (Store and forward)
• Encrypted Broadcast Message
• Encrypted Group Chat
• Encrypted Photo Sharing
• Encrypted Location Sharing
• Encrypted File Transfer (Java Desktop Application)
• In Call functionality
	o   Send Encrypted end-to-end IMs over WebRTC
	o   Encrypted Whiteboard (Synchronized drawing tool)
        o   Camera On/Off, Front-Back Camera Switch,  Mute Microphone, Speaker Mode
• Adding Friend Remotely and via NFC.
• Device independent 
• Scalable Server Architecture
• Communication over the internet with fixed lines and VoIP Phones
• Lawful Interception
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