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NOVA Pentest Services test the applications, infrastructure and devices themselves to ensure they are protected from network, VoIP, WEB and Unified Communications-related attacks.

With Netas NOVA Pentest Services, communication system topology detailed analysis and security checks are performed to determine the required security procedures. Basic infiltration and safety tests will be conducted and a comprehensive report will be provided. Verification tests are carried out after the detection of the findings at the end of the testing. Products developed within Netas Nova Security product family are used for testing.

NOVA Pentest Services test applications, infrastructures and the devices and reports protection recommendations against network, VoIP, WEB and Unified Communication linked attacks. By addressing the identified vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your applications, you can strengthen your system and provide secure operation.
  • Proactive Approach for Siber Attacks NOVA Pentest service guarantees to find the vulnerabilities of the VOIP and web services which you consume or provide before getting attacked and also prevents the attacks.
  • Accurate Detection/No False Positive Alarm Other solutions generate too many false positive alarms while NOVA Pentest Service busies you with real threats only. All data is analyzed and verified thoroughly before being flagged as a threat.
  • Advanced Intrusion Detection Our service correlates all the evidence in order to prevent you from complicated attack scenarios. Provides a full solution by evaluating your system as a whole, investigating attack traces, analyzing the current situation and identifying the next step.

Pentest Testing Methodology:

  • Scoping
  • Reconnaissance and Enumeration
  • Mapping and Service Identification
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Audit
  • Service Exploitation
  • Pivoting
  • Reporting
  • Hardening and Retest

Pentest Testing Service Types:

  • Internal and external network penetration tests
  • Web and VoIP/UC penetration tests
  • Wireless penetration tests
  • Social engineering security testing (vhishing, caller id spoofing, SPIT)

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