43 Years of R&D Experience

Netas provides innovative end-to-end value added systems integration and technology services in the fields of information and communications technologies. Its customers range from telco providers to public and private enterprises in domestic and international markets. Netas is one of the top ten global VoIP multimedia labs in the world and holds a track-record of 43 years in R&D. The company continues its foray on VoIP and Unified Communications via delivering ultimate cyber security solutions under the Nova brand. Netas charters its vision to become Turkey’s and Region’s #1 systems integrator working as per global standards...

Are you aware that you are vulnerable to all threats on the internet?

With increasing voice and video transmission over IP and emerging new technologies such as 4G LTE and 5G, data vulnerabilities and lack of security are the main concerns due to the nature of IP infrastructure systems. Reports show that most of the attacks occur in the application layer. Therefore focusing on the application layer security is the most important aim of a secure IP communication. Discover vulnerabilities, detect and prevent attacks, enable secure media communication with our solution.

Is It Important to Have a Secure Web System?

Nowadays, lots of companies are using online systems for important operations like advertising, sales, and support. Most of the websites have security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities must be identified and required actions must be taken before causing any damage.


Be aware of your vulnerabilities and protect your network with the radiance of NOVA!

Create and operate a secure VoIP infrastructure beginning with VoIP Vulnerability Scanning and Analysis tool, NOVA V-SPY. V-SPY is an automated enriched VoIP penetration test suite including rich variety of VoIP attack modules, detailed reports of security measures via expert system. Detect and prevent VoIP threats using VoIP Application Firewall, NOVA V-GATE. V-GATE is ready to accomplish your security by performing deep packet inspection,statistical and behavioral analysis, detecting anomalies and preventing VoIP attacks, VoIP monitoring and operational management. Make a secure multimedia communication via Media Security Platform, NOVA MSP. MSP can achieve secure media transfer enriched with various security methods and flexible crypto algorithm usage, enabling secure voice and video communication, file and message transfer, and whiteboard usage. Maintain a secure operation in UC network, VoIP and Web applications with Security Services and Consultancy, NOVA PENTEST. Pentest Services test the applications, infrastructure and devices themselves to ensure they are protected from VoIP, WEB and Unified Communications-related attacks.

NOVA has cyber security projects such as VoIP, WEB and IoT security, big data security analytics, mobile malware analysis and security operation center...


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